About Us

Censeo Actuaries & Consultants Limited is an independent actuarial and pensions consultancy, incorporated in 2004.  We have offices in Salisbury and London.

We provide Actuarial, Investment and Pensions consultancy services, as well as full administration and treasury services, for smaller pension schemes.

Unlike some of the larger consultancies we do not operate on the basis of “house views” that are regurgitated to all clients regardless of fit. We adapt our advice to the unique circumstances of each client and we will not grow to a size where this would no longer be realistic.

In the current pensions environment there is increasing rationale for trustees and sponsoring companies to commission their actuarial advice from separate sources. We believe that Censeo is ideally placed to provide this independence – for either party – at a cost level that brings it within the reach of small and medium companies and pension schemes.

However, we remain, of course, more than happy to provide full pensions management services for trustees!

If you would welcome a more personal approach and excellent value for money, why not get in touch with us to arrange a meeting at no obligation?