Actuarial Consultancy

We believe that actuarial advice should be delivered in plain English and should enable the Trustees and Company to make informed decisions. To facilitate this we enjoy meeting our clients regularly to discuss relevant issues, because we find that a face-to-face meeting provides the environment best suited to improving understanding and achieving the right outcome for all.

Our Clients operate in a commercial environment and our advice must be pragmatic and appropriate in that context.  We cannot take your pensions problems away … but we will ensure that we understand them and work with you to find the best solution.

Our Actuarial Services include the following:

For Trustees

  • acting as Scheme Actuary
  • advice to trustees or companies in connection with the preparation and maintenance of their Statement of Funding Principles
  • carrying out triennial actuarial valuations, and interim annual reports, including all associated certificates and schedules
  • regular review of all actuarial factors used for the calculation of transfer values, the commutation of pension for cash and the adjustment to pensions commencing other than at Normal Retirement Age
  • regular valuations of the pension scheme for the sponsoring company, in accordance with UK, US or International accounting standards
  • advice and negotiation in connection with the effects on the pension scheme of the purchase, sale or merger by the employer of a company or business.

For Employers

  • advice in connection with accounting for the pension scheme under UK and international accounting standards
  • advice regarding scheme design
  • advice and assistance in connection with the sale or purchase of a business
  • liability risk management.